Favourite Boots for Autumn & Winter

Saturday, 15 October 2016
I remember typing on this very blog about how lucky we’d been with our warm weather. Well, I think it’s safe to say our luck has well and truly run out. The temperatures have seriously dropped and now the memories of feeling any warmth from the sun have faded and been replaced by the numbing cold. I’m seriously scared for winter, I don’t know if I can take it getting much colder and I live in England so it is guaranteed to get much colder than this. During winter I love wearing boots, they keep your feet warm especially if you can get away with wearing some socks underneath. They can also add a little something extra to an outfit and pretty much go with everything! There are so many different types on offer I’ve had to buy a collection for all occasions (obviously). I usually buy my shoes from ASOS or New Look because they are cheaper but still really nice. On the odd occasion I will treat myself to a Topshop pair but they are a lot more expensive so surprisingly Topshop is not my favourite shoe retailer. Crazy right?

A/W Boots 1
A/W Boots 2
A/W Boots 3
A/W Boots 4

A/W Boots 5
A/W Boots 6
A/W Boots 7
A/W Boots 8
New Look

A/W Boots 9
A/W Boots 10
A/W Boots 11
A/W Boots 12
A/W Boots 13
A/W Boots 14

I realise I’m not so adventurous with the colour choice but you just can't go wrong with black, it goes with everything!

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