Summer Skin Care Routine

Sunday, 11 September 2016
Considering “British Summer Time” didn’t get off to a great start it seems as though the weather has been on our side during August and will continue to do so during September. I recently went on holiday to Spain where the weather was glorious and the temperatures in the UK have been soaring so I’ve been pretty much sticking to the same products during this hot weather.

For the first time ever I have stuck to the same brand for cleansers and moisturisers; Origins is a brand I have used in the past and really liked their products so I decided to try their Ginzing range. The products I use are the refreshing face mask, refreshing scrub cleanser, energy-boosting moisturiser and the refreshing eye cream. I find fruity scents really summery so loved using them when it’s hot and how they feel on my skin.

Origins Gin Zing Range

One thing you should know about my skin is it’s ridiculously sensitive and quite dry at times so I do need to be careful with what products I use as my face can flare up and go bright red!

That being said I didn’t have any kind of reaction to these products and felt they worked really well, even the scrub cleanser didn’t irritate my skin at all which makes me sooo happy :)

These products aren’t the cheapest however if you’re happy to spend a little bit more on skin care then I would definitely recommend.