Obsessed: Shopping on eBay

Monday, 26 September 2016
When I say I’m obsessed with eBay, I mean obsessed. It is THE best place to look for bargains from your favourite high street stores I’m constantly scrolling on my phone through different Topshop numbers that I missed out on whilst in store. It’s also a great place to look for current items at a cheaper price; I know, I also wonder why people wouldn’t just return items in store instead of selling them for half the price on eBay but people actually do! Two of my most recent bomber jacket purchases were both current season on Topshop but I managed to snag them for half the price. There is nothing quite like the feeling of bagging a bargain and being able to strut down the high street knowing you didn’t spend as much as everyone else.

There is also quite a thrill in bidding and confirming a bid at the last second to win it over someone else. I’m sorry I realise I’m one of those awful people who doesn’t bid until the last second thus tearing the heart out of someone who has been bidding for days, but then I don’t get people who bid really early and drive the price up? Anyway I don’t think I’ve ever spent over £35 on eBay (that may seem a lot but when you’re buying a current season item worth £85 it’s actually a really decent price). Honestly, shopping on eBay has saved me so much money it is always worth a quick look just in case someone is looking to sell something that you want!

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