Never Again: Yes To Cucumber Make Up Wipes

Monday, 12 September 2016
I haven’t tried a lot of the Yes To products, I do like their body washes as they are so cheap and smell amazing, however for my holiday to Spain this year I decided to try the cucumber make up wipes and put it this way; I’m glad I only bought the travel pack. When it came to removing make up they did a great job but they were so harsh they really stung my skin and became very painful to use.

Yes To Cucumber Wipes

I suppose it doesn’t actually say anywhere on the packet that they’re suitable for sensitive skin, I do think that using the words “soothing” and “95% Natural” can be quite misleading. I don’t know a lot about the science behind skin care products but I wouldn’t have though “natural” ingredients would hurt so much! Or maybe I’m just being stupid? Probably!

As I said before they did actually remove make up very well so they would be great for someone who’s skin is okay with harsher products but for me I will not be buying these again. I am disappointed because I am currently using the cucumber body wash which I love. Unfortunately not every product is going to work with every skin type!