My Amsterdam Beauty Travel Bag

Wednesday, 21 September 2016
For my Birthday my boyfriend Sam payed for a weekend away in Amsterdam! I’m so so excited, I’ve never been there before and love going on city breaks. I’ve already done all my research on what I want to do and see, so now I must decide what make up and skin care to take with me.

Amsterdam Travel Make Up Bag

When I go on city breaks I don’t tend to pay for any hold luggage instead just taking a small carry on suitcase. That means I can only take one small bag of liquids and pastes that don’t measure over 100ml per item. So I need to be very particular what I bring and unfortunately not everything will make the cut.

Amsterdam Travel Skincare

As it’s only 3 days I’ve decided I can probably live without my toner and body moisturiser, I’ve also decided to take cleansing wipes instead of water as they are easy to pack and take up less room. Because I’ve had to leave out other face products I use, I have made sure that I’ve got a good face moisturiser and a primer to make my make up stay put when we’ve got a long day of sight seeing or long night of eating and drinking. I also take 100ml bottles of my shampoo and conditioner; this is something that I just can’t leave out as my hair is so thick any cheap hotel hair products just don’t work. I also take a small bottle of dry shampoo, another travel must have, as a refresh when my hair is starting to look a bit flat or greasy.

Amsterdam Travel Make Up

With the make up I have tried to keep it as simple as I possibly can. I’m one of those people who likes to over pack for any eventuality, who’s to say we don’t get invited to dine with the Dutch Royal Family? This time I’ve been very strict with myself however difficult that may be. I’ve tried to keep it to one product per category (e.g. one foundation, one powder, one bronzer etc) apart from lip colours as I just can’t go with only one colour, I just can’t! I’ve also taken one eye shadow palette which gives me a range of colours and possible highlighters and two concealers, as it takes a whole plethora of products to cover up my dark circles.

Amsterdam Travel Make Up Brushes

To some of you it may look like I’m still taking a lot of brushes but for me that’s actually a small collection. As brushes don’t take up much room and there is no limit on how many you can have in a carry on, I have made sure I have at least two for the same sort of products just in case I want to use different colours.

I find packing quite difficult at times because I just want to take everything. But now that I’m finally done I’m so excited to see what Amsterdam has to offer!

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