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Saturday, 22 April 2017
For most of my adult life when it comes to false eyelashes I've never strayed too far from Eylure, they're cheap as chips and look pretty decent. However I was introduced to the brand Azeredo Cosmetics who sell mink eyelashes; I've heard so much about how amazing mink eyelashes are so thought it was time to try some for myself.

I've got to say, I don't think I've ever felt so glam! I loved how dramatic they were and thought they really completed my look; I fluttered at every opportunity to show them off. I'm quite confident with applying false lashes so had little difficulty putting these on; they are quite nimble so I think that a newbie would be okay with them as well. I loved how I didn't need to have eyeliner with these lashes, normally with falsies I either have to have really dark eyeshadow along the lash line or a thick black liquid liner flick to hide the seam of the lashes. As you can see from the pictures, no such camouflage was needed.

The lashes themselves cost $19.99 each and delivery depends on how much you order however I ordered 2 pairs and delivery was only $5.99 which I thought was pretty decent for international shipping! Obviously they are delivered from the US so it did take a couple of weeks for them to be delivered but that's to be expected. I assume if you live in the US it will probably be a lot quicker. I know there's controversy in the fashion world with using mink however the website states that the products are cruelty free.

Wearing "Bombshell" Lashes

Finding lashes that I can apply without stress is amazing; I will not be parting with them anytime soon!

Update: Azeredo Cosmetics was formally known as "Mandy Cosmetics", I have updated this post for clarity.

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